Lucian James Inc.


Lucian James Inc. offers services of strategic planning and performance coaching. Our clients are creative people and performers.

Among other things, people call us when they need: to make a big decision, to manage an intense project, to prepare a big pitch or performance, to overcome performance anxiety, or to stay calm under fire.

Our clients are successful people who often operate in the public eye. They are creative leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and élite performers. What they share is the need to perform at their fearless best, and a context in which expectations are high, and margins for error are low. 

Our work is grounded in the world’s most effective areas of strategy and psychology, including Zen philosophy, martial arts and cognitive science. 

We work behind the scenes, clients receive the accolades. In the output, our fingerprints are invisible. This makes the work bolder.

We are based in San Francisco, London and Paris. We travel internationally for clients, and work remotely via Skype. 

The company is owned by Lucian James, with a support team. All client work is done directly by Lucian.

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