Lucian James & Co is a strategy and coaching company, run by me, Lucian James, and by specialists of various kinds. 

Our role is to equip creative people with tools of strategy, mindset and performance, so they can succeed in competitive environments. In particular, those where expectations are high, and where margins for error are narrow. 

We work with clients who include creatives, actors, performers, DJs, designers, athletes and entrepreneurs. Anyone who needs to face an audience and who sometimes gets anxious.  

Our work helps them to do things like; take big decisions, overcome performance anxiety, deliver against deadlines, win creative pitches, replace distraction with focus, and rise to big creative challenges. 

We operate behind the scenes, and our clients receive the accolades. Our anonymity makes the work stronger. The work can be intense, and challenging. It's not for everyone.

We have a range of solutions, which are best discussed in person, or by Skype or phone. 

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